Madd Style Cosmetics Review and Swatches


I have a quick review and some swatches of Madd Style Cosmetics for you. 🙂 I ordered on May 12, it shipped May 16 and I recived it May 21. So, overall it was not a bad turn around.

It was packaged in an ordinary bubble mailer and I recived my samples, one full size and 2 free samples with my order. I know I have said this for every reivew so far, but I like how these feel going on the skin. They’re smooth and glide nicely and none are patchy. Madd Style’s pricing is in line with other Indie companies, and not going above $5 for a full size. There is also a ‘Color of the Week’ option where one color will be discounted to $3 and when I ordered it was the color ‘Mr. Robot.’ Also, the collections are nicely priced! I am totally eyeballing the Wonderland collections.

I also purchased a sample of their setting powder but I have not wore it alone yet, so I will not be reviewing it until later on. 🙂

Free sample, full size and sample packaging. Thank you for looking! :)Taylor


Sweet Treat Cosmetics Review and Swatches + Look


Today I bring you a reivew and swatches on a company called Sweet Treat Cosmetics. The aesthetic of the shop is very adorable and cute and the bakery/pastery theme is kept very well throughout all the products. When I was in a certain Facebook group the owner was also a part of it and always talked about her shop showcased swatches and previews of products and it definitely caught my attention.

Unfortunately, I had some problems. First off, I ordered on May 12, 2012 and just ordered samples. Samples are a $1 which is fairly standard. I was shocked to see I got a shipping notice on May 14. So, I waited, and waited, and waited. In fact, I waited 3 weeks all together before I emailed the owner on June 1. Here was my message:

 I thought my message was polite and I was fairly curious to see what was holding up the process. The owner did not reply to my email which I will admit did rub me the wrong way. I have always recieved a response from Indie owners when I contacted them. The funny thing is, after I sent the message and did not recieve a response back I went to PayPal and clicked on my tracking information and what do you know? The same day I sent my email my package was accepted at the owner’s post office. Hmmm. One of my biggest pet peeves is when the shipping label is printed before the package is shipped. It is okay for a few days but 3 weeks? I did recieve my package on June 4th, everything was included but no free samples, thank you, etc. I did recieve a business card.



The product itself is actually fairly good. The colors blend very nicely and feel smooth and the pigmentation on some of the brighter colors…Oh, my goodness. Sweet Strawberries and Blueberry Tart are amazing [sorry my swatch for Sweet Strawberries is a little dull, I swear it’s brighter!]. Also, for some reason I’m obsessed with the color Buttercream! It’s just the most pretty, pinky-nude eyeshadow and I find it gorgeous. Basically, I love them.

Sample Packaging

Swatches done over TheBalm concealer and Pixie Epoxy

Look done with Buttercream on lid, Sweet Strawberries in crease, Raspberry Gelato to deepen crease. Over MAC’s Painterly paint pot and Darling Girl Glitter Glue. Purple is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Cream Eyeshadow in Delinquent.

Would I purchase agian? I actually want to so I can get a full size of Buttercream and a few more samples to try and perhaps the customer service will be better but if none of these colors really interest you, I would actually just skip because even though the formula is nice and the pigmentation is wonderful, there is no reason to wait 3 weeks for your package and then be ignored when asking the owner a question.

 Overall, I like them and I will order again for Buttercream but it may just be my last time unless my next order is handled better. Thanks for looking! 🙂 Taylor

Chinovi Cosmetics Review and Swatches



I recently purchased from Chinovi Cosmetics when they had their grand opening and was offering free shipping on orders. I purchased 7 samples on Friday, June 1st and recieved a shipping notification on June 5th and I had the package in my mailbox on Friday, June 8th. The whole order only took a week to process and ship, which I consider to be very good.

My order came in a regular bubble mailer and inside my samples were packaged in a larger plastic bag and then nesteled inside a yellow paper bag. With my order I also recieved some candy. 🙂 I thought the candy was a nice touch and who does not love candy? I also recieved a business card with a personalized ‘thank you’ and a coupon for a free full size with my next $20 order. Overall, customer service is amazing and the processing and shipping time is on point. A+!

Since I only ordered samples I can not comment on their packaging but the samples do have very cute labels and do state whether or not the shade is eye or lip safe. The sample bags are very standard and I have no complaints.

Now, onto the product: I must admit I know nothing of eyeshadow formulation but I do know if an eyeshadow applies poorly and let me tell you, these eyeshadows apply so beautifully and feel so smooth that I’m in love! The color selection is somewhat small at this point but for a new company, I can not fault them. Plus, the colors they have now are colors I’m always instantly drawn too and it took some willpower to not purchase them all. The colors blend nicely together and when over a base, they’re stunning. The only shade I had a bit of trouble with was Whisper, even over a sticky base it was a bit hard to blend out and was kind of patchy but I got the hang of it.

Basically, they’re amazing and I highly recommend Chinovi Cosmetics! When I get paid on Thursday I plan on purchasing some more samples. Yay for more!


The samples came in standard baggies but look how adorable the logo is!



Swatches done over MAC’s Painterly paint pot and Fyriannae’s Pixie Epoxy.

Thanks for looking! 😀


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